Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Incinerating Presuppositionalism: Year Nineteen

It is that time once again to celebrate yet another year of this blog!

Today Incinerating Presuppositionalism turns 19! The better part of two decades is almost complete! And boy, time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

As I do each year rather unceremoniously, I list out all entries posted since the previous anniversary, and this entry will itself be accessible in the blog sidebar.

516. Incinerating Presuppositionalism: Year Eighteen - March 26, 2023

517. - TASC: The Transcendental Argument for Square-Circles – April 1, 2023

518. Bahnsen’s Poof Revisited… Again - May 29, 2023

519. Frank Turek vs. the Laws of Nature - June 25, 2023

520. ”What are the odds…?” - July 30, 2023

521. Do the Senses “Distort”? - August 27, 2023

522. Jason Lisle on Sensory Experience and Epistemology - September 25, 2023

523. Vistor Questions on Jeff Durbin and Formal Debates with Apologists - October 23, 2023

524. Anderson’s Anti-Epistemological Argument Against Naturalism - November 1, 2023

525. Bahnsen’s “tremendous philosophical mistake” - December 27, 2023

526. Answering Objections to my ‘Horse’s Mouth’ Collection - January 3, 2024

527. Concepts and Induction - February 3, 2024

528. Is the Axiom of Existence “Ambiguous”? A Reply to Eli Ayala - March 3, 2024

529. Peikoff on the Invulnerability of the Axioms - March 6, 2024

As always, I want to express my gratitude to anyone who takes the time to read anything I post, and especially to those who take the time to post their own reactions in the comments. I read every comment and when I can, I do try to make time to reply.

I do have a number of entries currently in the draft stage – it will take some time to get them ready to post. The work never stops! In the meantime, if readers encounter new variants of theistic defenses that they’d like to share, you’re welcome to make use of the comments.

With that, we set off on our journey to a major new milestone!

by Dawson Bethrick


Ydemoc said...

Way to go, Dawson, on another year!

I read all of your entries and each time they never fail to provide fresh insights. I just wish I had the time to comment more than I do.

Thanks for the valuable work you've done over all these years!


Bahnsen Burner said...

Hello Ydemoc!

Haven't seen you in ages! Thanks for reading and for your comment! So good to see you again. Hope you've been well. We've missed you around here!

Drop by again one of these days!


Jason mc said...

Another good year, congrats on getting to 20!


Miles said...

Way to go! Still reading all your post

Robert Kidd said...
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Ydemoc said...

Hey Dawson,

You wrote: "Drop by again one of these days!"

Ha! This seems to be one of those days!

All kidding aside, if time permits, I will definitely try to drop in and jot something down a bit more often.

Thanks again!


Robert Kidd said...
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