Sunday, March 26, 2006

Incinerating Presuppositionalism: Year One

Today marks the one year anniversary of Incinerating Presuppositionalism, the blog dedicated to scorching the scarecrows and strawmen of Vantillian apologetics.

For those who may be new to my blog, or who simply want to have a listing of all my entries for the first year in one handy source, I am listing them all below, beginning with the earliest post.

1. Presuppositionalism vs. Causality - 3/26/05
2. John Frame vs. the Human Thinker - 3/27/05
3. Bahnsen's Poof - 3/28/05
4. Christianity vs. Objective Morality - 3/29/05
5. The Cartoon Universe of Theism - 3/30/05
6. Thus Saith the Lord and His Spokesmen: Shut Down Thy Mind! - 4/1/05
7. Paul's Empty Sling - 4/1/05
8. The "God's Good Pleasure" Principle and the Cartoon Universe of Theism - 4/2/05
9. Omnipotence and Sovereignty in the Cartoon Universe - 4/4/05
10. Do I Borrow My Morality from the Christian Worldview? - 4/14/05
11. Putting Paul's TAG to the Geusha Test - 4/15/05
12. From the Horse's Mouth: Apologists - 4/20/05
13. Paul's Argument from Desperation - 4/21/05
14. Difficulty Keeping the Party Line Straight - 5/2/05
15. The Real Genesis Account - 5/6/05
16. Five Hundred Anonymous Witnesses - 5/8/05
17. I Don't Believe It - 5/9/05
18. Arbitrary Presupposition vs. Reasoned Conclusion - 5/20/05
19. Cooking with Gene's Abritrary Presuppositions - 5/22/05
20. Is Man "Created in the Image of God"? - 5/31/05
21. No "Might Be" About It: I AM an Atheist - 6/2/05
22. Is Human Experience Evidence of the Christian God? - 6/6/05
23. Can Reformed Christians Count? - 6/7/05
24. Is the Assumption of the Christian God Axiomatic? - 6/26/05
25. Only Two Worldviews? - 7/24/05
26. Christianity as the Worship of Self-Contradiction - 8/4/05
27. Christ Jesus: Still a Jumble of Contradictions - 8/18/05
28. Is the Contrary to Christianity Truly Impossible? 9/18/05
29. Reckless Apologetic Presumptuousness - 9/24/05
30. Probing Mr. Manata's Poor Understanding of the Axioms - 10/4/05
31. Tape-Loop Apologetics - 11/1/05
32. What Happened to Paul? 11/14/05
33. Bahnsen's Three Charges of Prejudice - 11/23/05
34. Bahnsen's Poof Revisited - 11/28/05
35. With Minds of Children - 12/28/05
36. Dear Sal - 1/10/06
37. Presuppositionalism and the Argument from Ignorance - 2/3/06
38. In the Beginning... - 2/23/06
39. Will the Real TAG Please Stand Up? - 3/1/06
40. Rational Morality vs. Presuppositional Apologetics - 3/9/06
41. CalvinDude's Defense of Christianity's Moral Bankruptcy - 3/16/06
42. Confessions of a Vantillian Subjectivist - 3/23/06

My searing indictment against Christianity in general, and presuppositionalism in particular, will proceed. So get ready for another year of blazing fun!

by Dawson Bethrick


Aaron Kinney said...

I, for one, am ready.

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary, Dawson! I am looking forward to reading more of your quality work in the future. Good idea with listing all your posts too. :)

Zachary Moore said...

A full year of quality work. Looking forward to more.

Bahnsen Burner said...

Thanks for all your comments, both here and in previous blogs, and in future ones as well! My goal is to provide a one stop source of rebuttals to presuppositional and other apologetic arguments or pseudo-arguments, as the case may be. I have so much more material in the works, all I need is time to structure and edit it, and then roll it out. So stay tuned!


nsfl said...


You need to join debunking xianity.

I'll ask John Loftus, if you're interested?


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Phew! Now I've read 28 posts in the "IP: Year One" series. It's unclear how anyone reading you blog could stay a presuppositionalist; it's very much possible that you are the no. 1 presuppositionalism basher on the net.

l_johan_k said...

First of all: This is the best blog when it comes to debunking presuppositionalism. :)

Second, can the blog be found as a pdf-book? I see that there are individual pages in pdf-format, but it would be nice to print them as a book.

best regards,
Johan (Sweden)

l_johan_k said...

Also, if you, by any chance, are on Facebook >> please, check-out the group "Presuppositional Apologetics is Dead"