Sunday, June 28, 2020

Reader Email Backlog

Hello Everyone,

Since the COVID thing started, we’ve experienced a massive spike in demand. So the plant is working overtime, and so am I! That means that time available for me to devote to IP is pretty much non-existent. Hence I won’t be able to post a normal entry this month - I’ve just been way too busy! I did have a couple entries planned, but I had to back-burner them for the time being.

Similarly for all the email I’ve received over the last couple months from readers. I’ve simply not been able to keep up, but I do wildly appreciate all the feedback, suggestions and questions. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back to everyone, so please don’t think I’m simply ignoring you.

While I’m at it, I might as well knock out a few quick replies right here while I have the chance:
M.A.: Not sure about the linguini part, but please stop doing that to your cat.  
T.B.: Try again, and pay more attention to punctuation this time, especially in your second paragraph. Kind of important!  
N.D.: Check out Kelley’s The Evidence of the Senses, pp. 121f.  
T1000: No, I have not flown in the space shuttle. (Not sure I’d want to!)  
W.H. You’re right - two ribs on a subway. How the hell did you know that? Did I mention that somewhere?  
Drago245: I totally agree, a jump page for my WSIBC entries would be a good idea. It’s on my to-do list in fact.  
J.G.: True, but fish do have eyes. So I don’t see how your conclusion follows.  
Rake58: Yes, Gubaidulina’s works are very intense. Check out her bassoon concerto sometime. Not for weak hearts!  
DDS Villain: What would count as a quorum in that case?  
Uz10mm: I haven’t tried that - sounds painful. I agree with you about the knee part.  
W.R.F. Only twice, and it made me really drowsy.  
Khon-Kanimal: Five in Bangkapi District, twice in Sathorn, none in Din Daeng (mainly due to traffic).  
H.U.: Thanks for the tilapia recipe. I’ll have to try that!  
SassyJ: Fun story! But what was happening in the back alley all along? See, you didn’t count on that!  
Snail Darter Casserole: Your sonata is coming along fine, though two suggestions: lay off the pedal mm. 59-73 (for contrast) and modulate to the relative minor *before* the coda. Should be good to go!  
Uz10mm: Regarding tobacco- yes, but I quit in the 80’s; regarding the other thing – never heard of it.  
Kafka Lover: Thanks for the suggestion.  
LFT: See here for starters.  
F.Z.: No, I sold the villa years ago. Big mistake!  
JC4UNMe: Coffee and donuts as evidence for the existence of God? Perhaps, but not if they have those little sprinkles.  
TU-85: That seems to be a variant of this, which I’ve already addressed. 
MTL1212: Great question about Sartre. I’ll hopefully be able to answer before the year is out.  
Laredus: Yes, I saw that about Steve Hays. So tragic! What will apologists do now? 
Mater Spero: Hmmm… I’m still not convinced. Keep trying.  
Bigelow 2.0: Nc7. Your move.
Of course, for all the kind comments and expressions of gratitude, thank you and you’re welcome! 

For any that I’ve missed, don’t take that to mean I don’t think your message is important, but rather that I probably haven’t gotten to it yet as I sort through the backlog that’s been piling up. If I miss just one day checking my inbox, it starts looking like my garage! 


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