Monday, March 26, 2018

Incinerating Presuppositionalism: Year Thirteen

Again we now come to another anniversary of this blog’s inception, marking a full 13 years since its inaugural post in March 2005. While I’d think by now I’d have become accustomed to the increasing rapidity with which the days, months, years and hours of my life pass, I’m still amazed at where all my time goes. For time is life, and life is all.

The same constraints on my time that I was facing a year ago, are still in place today as well. The relatively slow activity on my blog is certainly not a result of a lack of energy on my part, but rather a result of me spending my energies elsewhere. I do intend to keep writing, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be writing on presuppositionalism as it seems to have breathed its final breath, so far as I can tell. Perhaps readers are still encountering presuppositionalists out there – if so, feel free to post a link and maybe I’ll take a look.

Here is this past year’s list of entries, starting with last year’s twelfth anniversary posting:

435. Incinerating Presuppositionalism: Year Twelve - March 26, 2017

436. Sye’s Fixation with “Insane” People - April 28, 2017

437. Anderson on the Lowder-Turek Debate - May 8, 2017

438. Andy Bannister on Atheism - June 27, 2017

439. Do Gardens Imply the Existence of Invisible Magic Beings? - July 28, 2017

440. D’oh! - August 28, 2017

441. Christian Hope - September 20, 2017

442. Do Atheists Face a Dilemma Inherent in Atheism? - October 30, 2017

443. ”Where did morality come from?” - November 28, 2017

444. ”What would convince you?” - December 27, 2017

445. Is the Christian God a “Necessary Being”? - January 1, 2018

446. Does Following the Evidence Lead One Over a Cliff? - February 25, 2018

And as always, thanks to the loyal few readers who continue to monitor this blog, read my posts, leave comments, etc. I appreciate your comments and I do always read them, though I simply have too little time to participate in the conversation these days.

by Dawson Bethrick


Nick said...

Hi Dawson (and Fellow Blog Readers),

I'm new to Objectivism and have read just a few articles (mostly yours). I have a basic orienting question that I have not found addressed, and my internet searches have come up empty.

It appears that a fundamental tenet of Objectivism is that "Existence exists", and it seems that this "existence" means existence outside of consciousness. Thus there are things (in some sense) that are outside of consciousness that then enter into relationship with consciousness. It further appears that the basis of this tenet is "perceptual self-evidence". Assuming this understanding is sufficiently correct, here is my question:

How does one go from perceptual consciousness to knowing that what is perceived is outside consciousness? For example, in a dream I perceive objects that appear to be things outside consciousness, but after I awake I don't usually say these objects (within consciousness) were actually things (outside consciousness). I can apply reasoning in my waking state to justify why the objects of dreams are not things while the objects of my waking state are things, but the tenet appears to be asserted based on "perceptual self-evidence" rather than on reasoning.

I can lay this out more thoroughly, but I will stop there in recognition of my ignorance. Thank you for any response or reference you can give relating to this matter.


Ydemoc said...

Hey Dawson,

Happy 13th! Thanks for all the entries — and for continuing to pound out new ones this past year.

Even though I know that there are likely to be fewer entries to pore over in the future, I plan to keep visiting your blog, as there are plenty of older ones to get reacquainted with.

Thank you once again.


Jason mc said...

A good year, happy 13th indeed.

Unknown said...

Hi Dawson, Thanks for all your work. Best Wishes.

Found a Youtube recording of Ms Rand in a Hollywood One interview from 1966.

Unknown said...
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