Saturday, March 26, 2016

Incinerating Presuppositionalism: Year Eleven

The years are rolling by quickly, which means that the content on my blog continues to grow!

As is my “tradition” here at IP, each year on my blog’s birthday (the first entry being posted on March 26, 2005), I am posting the list of blog entries that I have published since the last anniversary of my blog, a year ago today. This entry will be placed in line with all the previous anniversary entries on the sidebar of my blog’s main landing page, for convenient reference.

Last year I reached the 400th blog entry, which may not seem like a huge number given the 10 years that those entries span. But keep in mind two points: one, I do not have a “staff” which performs admin duties on my behalf and adds filler posts here and there just for the heck of it – I’m all by my little lonesome here, jealously keeping all the fun to myself; two, the vast majority of my blog entries, as readers should already know, are fairly sizeable (recall all the complaints that my blog entries are “verbose” and “longwinded”) as I typically do more than just touch the surface of the matters that tackle.

I’ll add a third point which should not be overlooked: much of the content of my blog can be found in the comments sections of my blog entries, where visitors are invited to post their own thoughts, reactions, questions, retorts, etc., often developing into extended discussions covering much additional material. Because of this, I want to thank readers who post here, especially the regulars (you know who you are – I love you all!), and just want everyone to know that, even if I do not post a reply, I do read your comments and often do have things to say in response, though time constraints (as well as painfully spotty internet connection, which more and more I simply don’t want to fuss with) frequently hinder me.

With that said, let’s now get to this past year’s list of blog entries:

402. Incinerating Presuppositionalism: Year Ten - March 26, 2015

403. Natural Born Atheists - April 26, 2015

404. Does Atheism Truly Lead to Nihilism? - May 23, 2015

405. Does Atheism Truly “render good and evil nebulous”? - May 25, 2015

406. From the Horse's Mouth... Again! - June 7, 2015

407. Changing Your Views - June 24, 2015

408. Being Prepared for Encounters with Evangelists - July 19, 2015

409. Believer’s Remorse - July 26, 2015

410. The Tragedy that is Christian Morality - August 23, 2015

411. The Hideous Rigors of Christian Salvation Doubt - September 5, 2015

412. ”…it’s easy to imagine all the saved in heaven…” - September 12, 2015

413. Fishing with a Chick Track - September 20, 2015

414. Walking on Water vs. Reality - October 7, 2015

415. Is the Resurrection Story “too improbable” to Believe? - November 7, 2015

416. W.L. Craig, the Resurrection, and the Complaint of Presuppositional Bias - November 11, 2015

417. The Moral Virtues of Objectivism - December 25, 2015

418. William Lane Craig Versus Objective Morality - December 30, 2015

419. Ten Ways Faith Opposes Reason - January 24, 2016

420. G.A. Wells’ “Guidelines for Hostile Writing” - February 15, 2016

421. Creationism, the Universe, and Imagination - March 13, 2016

422. ”Don’t you dare disbelieve!” - March 22, 2016

Some of the themes that I have explored over the past year include the oft-repeated claim that atheism leads to or entails nihilism, the correlation between Christianity and depression, tips for interacting with street evangelists, and exposing William Lane Craig’s apologetic gimmickry. Although my blogging activity has slowed somewhat this past year (for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I’m preoccupied with other pursuits), I have a working list topics that I hope to delve into in the coming year. What are those topics? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned (teaser alert!). The year will go by soon enough, and there’s plenty else to read on the internet (and elsewhere) in the meantime.

Of course, if readers have any topics they themselves would like to discuss relevant to the issues dealt with on this blog, feel free to post a comment. If your topic doesn’t spark my interest (or I’m simply too busy to pipe in), perhaps another reader will respond. Until then, here’s to Year 12!

by Dawson Bethrick


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Hi Dawson,

Earlier I submitted a congratulatory post, but for some reason it hasn't gone through. So let me just say it again: Congratulations! And I hope there are many more years of outstanding material to come.


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Congrats Dawson!

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Hey Dawson, congrats on another year.

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congratulations and thank you for all of your work and writings.

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Why don't you make videos instead? WAY more people would take the time to review your material if you did.